Kshaar Salt 1kg - Healthiest Salt



Kshaar Salt 1kg - Healthiest Salt

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Th Healthiest Salt Kshaar is a Sanskrit word which means alkalinity. It was simply a revelation for us to see the Sambhar lake that’s pink in color. The pink color is rendered to the lake by the algae formation that takes place on its surface. This algae adds to this lake alkalinity and iodine. Along with this there are more than 84 minerals that have been found on this lake. It also contains good amount of iron,copper & zinc which is essential for a healthy body.This is good for BP patients as it has low sodium properties and is the Healthiest Alkaline salt

Why are we claiming that Kshaar salt is the purest and the healthiest salt available in the market right now?

Here are the reasons :

1. It’s the only salt that is naturally alkalized (it’s pH value is 9) and naturally iodized (6 ppm)

2. The brine is dried under the sun (not vacuum evaporated) hence it has the goodness of sun

3. It’s the only salt in the world that has the pH value of 9 and is the Healthiest Alkaline salt

Produced with pride in Sambhar Lake by Sambhar Salts Ltd, India

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